Warm Up During The Holidays At The Bean!

Holiday decorations are up and its warm and cozy here at the Bean

Holiday decorations are up and its warm and cozy here at the Bean

The weather has turned cold but it is warm and cozy here at the Bean. Vanessa has the Holiday decorations up and there are plenty of hot and delicious drinks to warm you up!

Choose from our fresh roasted coffees to make your favorite drinks or seasonal favorites like an Eggnog Latte or a Peppermint Mocha. Don’t forget we have hot chocolate and hot teas also available to take the chill from your bones.

Green Chile Chicken Noodle served with warm Pita Bread

Green Chile Chicken Noodle served with warm Pita Bread

Looking for a warm quick-lunch? We have just the thing. Fresh hot soups made daily will hit the spot. Come in today and try Green Chile Chicken Noodle, it is wonderful!

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La Cella Bella Performing “Christmas & Other Joyful Tunes” live at The Bean!

“Christmas & Other Joyful Tunes”

Le Cella Bella Quartet

Le Cella Bella Quartet performs "Christmas & Other Joyful Tunes" at The Bean.

Join us as “The Bean” & Mesilla Valley Musical Arts present “La Cella Bella” Quartet as they perform live on December 4th.

They will be playing songs from their Christmas CD as well as tunes from their “Dreaming” CD.

Shows times: 6:00 & 7:45

Just $5.00 at the door! “La Cella Bella” will have copies of their newly released Christmas CD available.

Doors open 45 minutes in advance, so come early to purchase your coffee drink and goodies before the show starts.

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Laurelin Kruse performs at the Bean, Sunday, August 7th


She began writing songs because it was the second most appealing activity she could think of (napping was the first).

She began writing songs because it was the second most appealing activity she could think of (napping was the first).

She began writing songs because it was the second most appealing

activity she could think of (napping was the first). Her forays into developed with sporadic postings on a modest blogspot page, but quickly spiraled out of control. She released her first full-length album this spring.

Laurelin combines humor and sadness to write folk songs about the home she misses and love that never quite works out.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 7th as singer songwriter Laurelin Kruse performs at the Bean. Show begins at 4:00 P.M. Check her out and listen to her great music on her website and then come hear her at the Bean live!!

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La Cella Bella Performing Live at The Bean Cafe of Mesilla!

Le Chella Bella

Tatianna Dickens, Alicia Dolan, Alison Reynolds, and Debbie Eckles of Le Chella Bella perform live at teh Bean!

Several years ago, four women, Tatianna Dickens, Alicia Dolan, Alison Reynolds, and Debbie Eckles brought cellos to the Bean and enchanted everyone there that night with their wonderfully arranged, beautifully played music. It was Le Cella Bella in their first public performance.

We are  honored and excited that Le Cella Bella will have a CD release party at the Bean on Thursday, June 23, at 7:30 pm. Please join us for this really special occasion! $5.00 at the door.

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East Timor! Come in and try a new coffee at the Bean

Adopted from Image:Timor.png. Names, roads, et...
Image via Wikipedia

Timor-Leste is a new name for a country that used to be called East Timor.

Over the decades of the 1980s and 1990s East Timor — a former Portuguese colony — underwent a bloody war of resistance to Indonesian occupation, and eventually, at the end of the decade of the 1990s, a brief but even bloodier spasm that led to independence from its much larger neighbor. Before the 70’s Timor was said to have some of the best coffee in the world until their economic decline in 75′ . Similar to Rwanda, Co-ops have gone into Timor and jump started their economy with the production of coffee. You are now able to help support their troubled times and drink a darn nice cup of coffee while doing so.

Timors have the advantage of being internationally certified as organic.

In beverage-world terms, coffees from Indonesia and East Timor could be considered the single-malt whiskies of coffee. Generally absent are the tart fruit and sweet floral notes of the finest pure, high-grown, wet-processed coffees of Latin America and East Africa. In their place are rich, ambiguous notes of nut, aromatic wood, sometimes earth, full, round, smooth, sweet, and deliciously cocoa-toned. Most of these characteristics are created through various idiosyncrasies of fruit removal and drying that are part of the complex, diffused coffee tradition in these vast islands.

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New Facebook Page!

For all of our friends on Facebook, we had a problem with our original page and could not recover it so here is the link to the new page that will be updated regularly http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/The-Bean-of-Mesilla/136067599800311?sk=wall

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Bean trivia

 By Debbie McGinn

Foreign currency at the bean

When we opened the Bean, we were in a small building off the plaza in Old Mesilla.  A lot of our customers were tourist from other countries.   Historic Old Mesilla was very much an international tourist destination.  Mary hung a large map of the world and invited customers to stick a pin in the map showing where in the world they were from.   Then someone pinned paper currency from their country to the map.  Before long, the map was covered with currency from around the world.   Some got lost in a move, but that is the foreign currency taped on our bake case.

Smurfs and yeasty beasties; how fun is baking at the bean?

We started baking our own baked goods early on.  Commercial baked goods tasted so….well, commercial.  Leave a funny chemical taste on your tongue.    All our recipes were and are developed by us. We have a very good time baking, maybe having fun in the kitchen is part of why our baked goods taste good!

Yeast breads are very interesting.   To make good bread, the yeast must be fed.  We had a baker,

Daily Fresh Baked Bread at the Bean in Mesilla

Fresh Baked Bread at the Bean in Mesilla

 who shall remain nameless, that was scared of opening the container of yeast.  “it jumps out at me” she would say.  It was really a static reaction on the part of the yeast, but she was sure the yeast was alive and referred to yeast as yeasty beasties.   And she did everything she could to avoid baking bread.

Baking bread is such a wonderful process.  Fresh whole wheat flour, unbleached red wheat flour, yeast, honey or molasses and butter or canola oil.  That’s it.  It sponges in the bowl; it is kneaded, mixing the yeast with the natural properties of the flour.  It rises in our kitchen, developing the nutty, flavorful taste that only handmade, homemade bread has.  We don’t buy frozen dough, thaw it, bake it and call it fresh-baked.  Our bread is wholesome, truly fresh bread.  

This same baker was, shall we say, creatively messy.  One morning, I arrived to find her behind schedule, and the floor was covered with smashed blueberries.  Accidents happen, and even though blueberries are expensive, I didn’t say much. 

After the bake case was stocked and the customers started coming in for the morning rush, I asked what happened in the kitchen.  Deadpan and straight-faced the answer was “smurf wars”.

Coffee Zombies


Coffee Zombies the play
Coffee Zombies the play


Back when we opened at 6 am, people would be waiting at the door for coffee. Some of our baristas wrote a play entitled “coffee zombies”.  Sorry, but it was hysterically funny.  It was never produced, although it was auditioned for and rehearsed.  No doubt if it had been produced, it would have become a big hit on Broadway. 

This was before  Starbucks opened a shop with a drive through on valley.  I won’t say anymore.

The painting on the canopy over the front patio was painted by Priscillana.  A wonderful Mesilla artist who has painted many murals around town.  It depicts people involved with the beginning of the bean.  Some are still around and some are gone.  All loved the Bean, and the Bean was a part of their lives. 

Sometimes I wonder what makes the Bean so special to us and our customers.  It is so much more than a job and a coffee shop.  Sometimes it seems like we are serving friends and family with hospitality.  Sometimes it seems like we are meeting a challenge.  Sometimes it seems we are meeting a need, filling a place. 

We have regular customers who appreciate us.  We strive for and need this circle of friends to grow.  We love the excitement of welcoming new customers all the time. 

Do small businesses like the Bean have a future? Do neighborhoods and friends still need a place to meet that is unique and individual?  Does taking time to make things with care still matter?  We think so, and we are glad our customers seem to think so too.


Aroma is just flavor getting away, and we brew our coffee just a day from roasting. In some countries, coffee is roasted over little open fires on the street.  They use a pan and stir it.  How high-tech is that?  A friend told me the best cup of coffee she ever had was brewed from coffee still warm from being roasted over an open fire in Africa.

Fresh roasted coffee at The Bean in Mesilla

Really fresh coffee is such a treat.  Roasting our own coffee became a priority pretty early on. 

well, two roasters and 6 years later, we think we have the right tool for our job.  We have a 3 kilo roaster made by US Roasters, installed in the front room of the Bean.  Roasting 3 kilos at a time is just the right size. Our roasts are always fresh, we have just enough of several origins to offer diversity and that size of roast is not too smoky or annoying to our neighborhood.

We buy green coffee beans in wholesale lots.  It is bought from a broker who buys it from a farmer.  Although we don’t have much more than 6 origins (country’s crops) at a time, it is new crops, excellent quality and fair to the farmer and his workers. 

There are many words and ways to describe coffee.  Much science is involved with the roasting of coffee.  But regardless of the science or the description,  if it is done right, it is incredible.  A rich, almost thick flavor on the tongue, a bit like chocolate melting.  And sometimes like chocolate in taste, but  often times more.  Sometimes a hint of fruit or flowers.  Sometimes complex and bright, sometimes rich and spicy.   Every roast is special, care is taken with every batch.  There are so many variables that determine the best roast for a bean, and each roast is carefully watched from start to finish. 

 The Building that is the Bean.

The Bean of Mesilla, turing an old gas station into a coffee shop.

Our building was a gas station for the first 40 or so years of it’s life. It is considered a historic building, probably only because it is located in a historic area.   We believe it was built around 1947.  The first fire engine that served the town of Mesilla was parked at this garage.  When we bought it in 2003, it was in sad shape, although structurally sound.  We wanted to keep the old garage doors, but they were coming apart.  Plans were approved by the town of Mesilla and after an extensive facelift, the Bean opened for Business in the present location in February 2003.  What is the kitchen used to be the office.  The smaller dining room was the customer service area and the big room was the service garage. 

Bean Beginnings New Floor in the coffee shop


Reusing old buildings is a sensible thing to do.  It preserves farmland and saves resources. 

 We believe our old building has character.  It has new wiring, plumbing and insulation, but the original ceiling and walls are unique. 

The building to the southeast of the shop used to be a chicken coop then was a vegetable stand.  Soon it will be either remodeled or torn down. 



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